is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Oath Inc. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private.
Founded: 2007
Website: tumblr.com
Founded by: David Karp
Alexa rank: 64 (2018)
Parent: Oath
Headquarters: New York City

How do I log into Tumblr?

Logging Out of Tumblr. Click the Account icon — this is in the top right corner and looks like a person’s silhouette — and then click the LogOut link in the Account menu. Click OK to confirm the action and log out of Tumblr.

What is the purpose of Tumblr?

The purpose of Tumblr is to have a way to put all your blogs, pictures, anything you want to share with other people in one single location. This is useful for personal interests, such as putting writing compositions together or photography compositions together but also for educational reasons.

How to look for people on Tumblr?

Look for people by clicking the “Following” link on your Dashboard. Click the “Following” link and enter a Tumblr URL, Tumblr username or email address in the text field. Click the “Follow” button to view any matching results.

What is Tumblr used for?

Definition: Tumblr is a blogging and social media tool that allows users to publish a “tumblelog”, or short blog posts. Tumblr’s major differentiator is the free-form nature of the site and the ability of users to heavily customize their own pages.

Is Tumblr good for blogging?

Blogger is a happy medium between Tumblr and WordPress — not too sparse but not too loaded, either. … Moreover, all Blogger blogs are already integrated into Google’s AdSense program, meaning users could start raking in the big blogging bucks with far less effort than WordPress or Tumblr.