I Order 85 unique domain SEO backlinks on Fiverr

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I’m surprised at work and speed. 85 unique domain SEO backlinks I received in 4 days. If you have never bought anything at fiverr.com, this post will tell you everything from start to finish.


What is fiverr.com?

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.

First of all, what did I do to come to Fiverr

  1. In the search, I entered the keyword Backlink
  2. Looked at the best option with the best price
  3. Read comments about the product
  4. Read comments about the seller
  5. If you like, Order Package

What goes on after the order?

After completing the payment you must fill the Order Requirements:

  1. Provide: URLs
  2. Provide: Keywords

Order requirements


Then I got the message


4 days waiting

This is my first order on the Fiverr website. So I did not know the quality of the services and whether they will be given at all. I bought the services for the first time so I chose inexpensively, it cost € 4.58 + Service Fee € 1.83, so I paid a total of € 6.41.

Four days later I received a message:

last msg

Delivered Files

So fun part, check how the work was done. I download delivered Files, they were submitted in Microsoft Excel format. I’m surprised !!! The work was done in the same way as promised. I got a full listing where my backlinks are presented.

  1. Domain
  2. Site da
  3. Submitted URL

fool list

Are all the links active?

Of the 85 links, only 2 links were disabled. I think it’s a very small number, everything is fine with regard to price and quality.

What’s next?

It’s time to wait and expect to go up in google positions. After a few months, I will update this post and provide information about the results.

Waiting for your comments, maybe you also ordered Fiverr services? Share your experiences !!!

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