Over 20 WordPress Plugins You Probably Don’t Know

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

There are thousands of , but here I’ll show you some useful plugins You Probably Don’t Know.

Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin

The Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin automatically imports YouTube videos from any YouTube channel, playlist or search term, and creates posts for them and publishes them or creates a post draft according to your settings.

Check and Enable GZIP compression

GZIP compression is bundling (zipping) pages on a web server before the page is sent to the visitor.
This saves bandwidth and therefore increases the loading speed of the page significantly.
The visitors’ web browser then automatically unzips the pages. This compressing and unzipping only takes a fraction of a second.

Delete Duplicate Posts

This plugin searches and removes duplicate posts and their meta data. You can change in the settings how many at a time and if the plugin should run automatically every hour.

You can delete posts, pages and other Custom Post Types enabled on your website.

The plugin deletes not only the post, but post meta and other references to the post, cleaning up space in your WordPress website.

Read more on the plugin page.

Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization

Hummingbird zips through your site and finds new ways to boost page speed with fine-tuned controls over file compression, minification and full-page, browser and Gravatar caching. Load your pages quicker and score higher on Google PageSpeed Insights with Hummingbird site optimization.

Features Available in Hummingbird Include:

  • Performance Reports – Pro tips for running your site at super speed
  • Asset Optimization – Position, minify and combine files for top performance
  • Caching Suite – Load pages faster with full-page, Gravatar and browser cache tools
  • GZIP Compression – Blazing fast HTML, JavaScript, and stylesheet transfer

Simple Tags

Extended Tagging for WordPress : Terms suggestion, Mass Edit Terms, Auto link Terms, Ajax Autocompletion, Click Terms, Advanced manage terms, etc.

Github project homepage: https://github.com/BeAPI/simple-tags

This is THE perfect tool to manage perfectly your WP terms for any taxonomy

It was written with this philosophy : best performances, more secured and brings a lot of new functions

This plugin is developped on latest WordPress version, with the constant WP_DEBUG to TRUE.

  • Administration
    • Tags suggestion from Yahoo! Content Analysis, OpenCalais, Alchemy, Zemanta, Tag The Net, Tag4Site, dataTXT and local terms with AJAX request
      • Compatible with TinyMCE, FCKeditor, WYMeditor and QuickTags
    • tags management (rename, delete, merge, search and add tags, edit tags ID)
    • Edit mass tags (more than 50 posts once)
    • Auto link tags in post content
    • Auto tags !
    • Type-ahead input tags / Autocompletion Ajax
    • Click tags
    • Possibility to tag pages (not only posts) and include them inside the tags results
    • Easy configuration ! (in WP admin)
  • Public
    • Technorati, Flickr and Delicious tags
    • Dynamic Tag Clouds with colors with Widgets (random order, etc)

And more…

WP Full Auto Tags Manager

WP Full Auto Tags Manager automatically generate tags for all your blog posts, WP Full Auto Tags Manager is a free plugin for WordPress.
You can auto tag all posts, create the tags automatically when publishing a post and or create automatically tags for untagged posts with scheduler.


  • Auto Tag all posts
  • Clean all tags
  • Create the tags automatically when publishing a post
  • Create automatically tags for untagged posts every hour with scheduler

WP Super Cache

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

The static html files will be served to the vast majority of your users:

  • Users who are not logged in.
  • Users who have not left a comment on your blog.
  • Or users who have not viewed a password protected post.

99% of your visitors will be served static html files. One cached file can be served thousands of times. Other visitors will be served custom cached files tailored to their visit. If they are logged in, or have left comments those details will be displayed and cached for them.

The plugin serves cached files in 3 ways (ranked by speed):

  1. Expert. The fastest method is by using Apache mod_rewrite (or whatever similar module your web server supports) to serve “supercached” static html files. This completely bypasses PHP and is extremely quick. If your server is hit by a deluge of traffic it is more likely to cope as the requests are “lighter”. This does require the Apache mod_rewrite module (which is probably installed if you have custom permalinks) and a modification of your .htaccess file which is risky and may take down your site if modified incorrectly.
  2. Simple. Supercached static files can be served by PHP and this is the recommended way of using the plugin. The plugin will serve a “supercached” file if it exists and it’s almost as fast as the mod_rewrite method. It’s easier to configure as the .htaccess file doesn’t need to be changed. You still need a custom permalink. You can keep portions of your page dynamic in this caching mode.
  3. WP-Cache caching. This is mainly used to cache pages for known users, URLs with parameters and feeds. Known users are logged in users, visitors who leave comments or those who should be shown custom per-user data. It’s the most flexible caching method and slightly slower. WP-Cache caching will also cache visits by unknown users if supercaching is disabled. You can have dynamic parts to your page in this mode too. This mode is always enabled but you can disable caching for known users, URLs with parameters, or feeds separately. Set the constant “DISABLE_SUPERCACHE” to 1 in your wp-config.php if you want to only use WP-Cache caching.

If you’re not comfortable with editing PHP files then use simple mode. It’s easy to set up and very fast.

Recommended Settings

  1. Simple caching.
  2. Compress pages.
  3. Don’t cache pages for known users.
  4. Cache rebuild.
  5. CDN support.
  6. Extra homepage checks.

Garbage collection is the act of cleaning up cache files that are out of date and stale. There’s no correct value for the expiry time but a good starting point is 1800 seconds.

Consider deleting the contents of the “Rejected User Agents” text box and allow search engines to cache files for you.

Preload as many posts as you can and enable “Preload Mode”. Garbage collection of old cached files will be disabled. If you don’t care about sidebar widgets updating often set the preload interval to 2880 minutes (2 days) so all your posts aren’t recached very often. When the preload occurs the cache files for the post being refreshed is deleted and then regenerated. Afterwards a garbage collection of all old files is performed to clean out stale cache files.
Even with preload mode enabled cached files will still be deleted when posts are modified or comments made.

Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater

utomatically add Image attributes such as Image Title, Image Caption, Description And Alt Text from Image Filename.

The plugin can update image attributes for both new images and existing images in the media library.

It allowed me to save tons of time. Further, the support is nice and ready to help.

Image alt text and title is critical for your image SEO and will help users discover your images (and there by your website) in Google / Yahoo / Bing image search.

Proper alt text also helps people who are blind or who have low vision understand your images there by improving the accessibility of your website. This will open up your website to a new segment of visitors and increase your traffic.

If I could give this 1 more star I would!

With this plugin you can:

  • Set the image filename as the image Title.
  • Set the image filename as the image Caption.
  • Set the image filename as the image Description.
  • Set the image filename as the image Alt Text. This was a default feature in WordPress before 4.7. The plugin restores this essential feature which is great for SEO.
  • Insert Image Title into post HTML. WordPress stopped adding Image Titles to images since WordPress 3.5. The plugin restores it.
  • Remove hyphens from the image filename.
  • Remove underscores from the image filename.
  • Remove full stops from filename.
  • Remove commas from filename.
  • Remove all numbers from filename.
  • Choose to turn off any of the above mentioned features.

With the bulk updater you can:

  • Set the image filename as image Title, Caption, Description and Alt Text after removing hyphens and underscores from the filename.
  • Update any number of images in your Media Library in one click.

If your image filename is My_image-name.jpg, your Image Title, Caption, Description And Alt Text will be My image name.

The plugin settings and bulk updater are in WordPress Admin > Settings > Image Attributes. Here you can choose which attributes to update for NEW uploads.

Please remember to take a database backup before running the bulk updater. The bulk updater updates ALL attributes for existing images in the Media Library and ignores the settings set for NEW uploads.

Image Attributes Pro

A pro add-on is now available for the plugin. Check out Image Attributes Pro.

The pro add-on can update the image attributes from not just the image filename, but also from the post / page / product / custom post type title. You can fine tune the bulk updater settings and even clean up the actual image filename.

Thank you so much for all your help in trying to fix this, its very much appreciated indeed. You’ve gone above and beyond what I was expecting in support!
Rest assured I will give great feedback on your plugin anywhere I can!!
James Barber, for Image Attributes Pro via email.

What the pro add-on you get these additional features:

  • Use post title as title text. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Use post title as alt text. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Use post title as caption. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Use post title as description. If image is not attached to a post, image filename will be used instead.
  • Remove apostrophe ( ‘ ) from filename
  • Remove tilde ( ~ ) from filename
  • Remove plus ( + ) from filename
  • Remove pound ( # ) from filename
  • Remove ampersand ( & ) from filename
  • Remove round brackets ( ( ) ) from filename
  • Remove square brackets ( [ ] ) from filename
  • Remove curly brackets ( { } ) from filename
  • Filter words or characters from filename
  • Filter filename with regex
  • convert image attributes to lowercase
  • Use title casing for image attributes. First Letter Of Each Word Will Be Capitalized.
  • Use sentence casing for image attributes. First letter of a sentence will be capitalized.
  • Clean the actual image filename after upload.
  • Choose to turn off any of the above mentioned features.

With the pro bulk updater you can:

  • Update image title and alt text for images inserted into posts and custom post types. Not just the media library.
  • Fine tune all settings. Choose what to update.
  • Update image titles / alt text in media library only. Image titles / alt text in existing posts will be left unchanged.
  • Update image titles / alt text in media library and existing posts.
  • Update image titles / alt text in existing posts only if no title / alt text is set. All image titles/ alt text in media library will be updated.
  • Choose to turn off any of the above mentioned features.

Far Future Expiry Header

This plugin offers a few lightweight features to speed up your WordPress site without much hassle.

Far Future Expiry

When the feature is enabled, this plugin will modify your .htaccess file by inserting code which will add expires headers for common static file types.

Expiry header specifies a time far enough in the future so that browsers won’t try to re-fetch images, CSS, javascript etc files that haven’t changed (this reduces the number of HTTP requests) and hence the performance improvement on subsequent page views.

Gzip Compression

You can also enable Gzip compression on your site using this plugin. Gzip compression will speed up your WordPress site by compressing the page output and sending it to your visitors browser.

When enabled, the plugin will do gzip compression if the visitor’s browser can handle it.

This feature may conflict with a few other plugins. So disable this feature if you need to use a plugin which doesn’t work with gzip compression.

Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan


Wordfence includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that were built from the ground up to protect WordPress. Our Threat Defense Feed arms Wordfence with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe. Rounded out by a suite of additional features, Wordfence is the most comprehensive WordPress security solution available.


  • Web Application Firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic. Built and maintained by a large team focused 100% on WordPress security.
  • [Premium] Real-time firewall rule and malware signature updates via the Threat Defense Feed (free version is delayed by 30 days).
  • [Premium] Real-time IP Blacklist blocks all requests from the most malicious IPs, protecting your site while reducing load.
  • Protects your site at the endpoint, enabling deep integration with WordPress. Unlike cloud alternatives does not break encryption, cannot be bypassed and cannot leak data.
  • Integrated malware scanner blocks requests that include malicious code or content.
  • Protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts, enforcing strong passwords and other login security measures.


  • Malware scanner checks core files, themes and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections.
  • [Premium] Real-time malware signature updates via the Threat Defense Feed (free version is delayed by 30 days).
  • Compares your core files, themes and plugins with what is in the WordPress.org repository, checking their integrity and reporting any changes to you.
  • Repair files that have changed by overwriting them with a pristine, original version. Delete any files that don’t belong easily within the Wordfence interface.
  • Checks your site for known security vulnerabilities and alerts you to any issues. Also alerts you to potential security issues when a plugin has been closed or abandoned.
  • Checks your content safety by scanning file contents, posts and comments for dangerous URLs and suspicious content.
  • [Premium] Checks to see if your site or IP have been blacklisted for malicious activity, generating spam or other security issue.


  • With Live Traffic, monitor visits and hack attempts not shown in other analytics packages in real time; including origin, their IP address, the time of day and time spent on your site.
  • [Premium] Stop brute force attacks permanently by using two factor authentication, one of the most secure forms of remote system authentication available.
  • Block attackers by IP or build advanced rules based on IP Range, Hostname, User Agent and Referrer. [Premium] Country blocking available with Wordfence Premium.

Social Share With Floating Bar

Grow Your Audience, Enhance your website traffic and engage your visitors with Free to use and Mobile optimized Social Share With Floating Bar WordPress Plugin. You can add/select share icons for Facebook, Twitter, VK, Google+, Pinterest and Email.

WP Post Stats & Analysis

lugin shows post stats & analysis (counts) about your WordPres site.

Features of the plugin include:

  • Shows total number of posts (posts count)
  • Shows total number of published posts
  • Shows total number of future posts
  • Shows total number of draft posts
  • Shows total number of pending posts
  • Shows total number of private posts
  • Shows total number of auto-draft posts
  • Shows total number of trash posts
  • Shows total number of attachments and revisions
  • Shows total number of comments on posts

Easy Table of Contents

A user friendly, featured focused plugin which allows you to insert a table of contents into your posts, pages and custom post types.


  • Automatically generate a table of contents for your posts, pages and custom post types by parsing its contents for headers.
  • Optionally enable for pages and/or posts. Custom post types are supported, as long as their content is output with the the_content() template tag.
  • Optionally auto insert the table of contents into the page, selectable by enabled post type.
  • Provides many easy to understand options to configure when and where to insert the table of contents.
  • Many options are available to configure how the inserted table of contents appears which include several builtin themes. If the supplied themes do no meet you needs, you can create your own by choosing you own colors for the border, background and link color.
  • Multiple counter bullet formats to choose from; none, decimal, numeric and roman.
  • Choose to display the table of contents hierarchical or not. This means headings of lower priority will be nested under headings of higher priority.
  • User can optionally hide the table of contents. You full control of this feature. It can be disabled and you can choose to have it hidden by default.
  • Supports smooth scrolling.
  • Selectively enable or disabled the table of contents on a post by post basis.
  • Choose which headings are used to generate the table of contents. This too can be set on a post by post basis.
  • Easily exclude headers globally and on a post by post basis.
  • If you rather not insert the table of contents in the post content, you can use the supplied widget and place the table of contents in your theme’s sidebar.
  • The widgets supports being affixed or stuck on the page so it is always visible as you scroll down the page. NOTE: this is an advanced option since every theme is different, you might need support from your theme developer to learn what the correct item selector to use in the settings to enable this feature.
  • The widget auto highlights the sections currently visible on the page. The highlight color is configurable.
  • Developer friendly with many action hooks and filters available. More can be added by request on Github. Pull requests are welcomed.

Simple DNS Prefetch

DNS resolution time can lead to a significant amount of user perceived latency. The time that DNS resolution takes is highly variable. Latency delays range from around 1ms (locally cached results) to commonly reported times of several seconds.

DNS prefetching is an attempt to resolve domain names before a user tries to follow a link. This is done using the computer’s normal DNS resolution mechanism. Once a domain name has been resolved, if the user does navigate to that domain, there will be no effective delay due to DNS resolution time. When we encounter hyperlinks in pages, we extract the domain name from each one and resolving each domain to an IP address. All this work is done in parallel with the user’s reading of the page, using minimal CPU and network resources. When a user clicks on any of these pre-resolved names, they will on average save about 200 milliseconds in their navigation (assuming the user hadn’t already visited the domain recently). More importantly than the average savings, users won’t tend to experience the “worst case” delays for DNS resolution, which are regularly over 1 second.

Magic Food

This is a simple game where you have a short time to remove each item of food.

WP Image Zoom

Awesome image zoom for images in posts/pages and for WooCommerce products

WP Image Zoom is a robust, modern and very configurable image zoom plugin. It allows you to easily create a magnifying glass on your images, all from a very intuitive WP admin interface.

Your visitors will be able to see the beautiful details of your images. This will improve your users’ experience and hopefully also your revenue.


  • 4 Zooming Types – Inner zoom, Round lens, Square lens and outer zoom (with Zoom Window).
  • Animation Easing Effect – the zooming lense will follow the mouse over the image with a sleak delay. This will add a touch of elegance to the zooming experience.
  • Fade Effect – the zoomed part will gracefully fade in or fade out.
  • Extremely configurable – control zooming lens size, border color, border size, shadow, rounded corner, and others …
  • Works with WooCommerce – easily enable the zoom on all your products’ images. Only a checkbox away.
  • Works in Pages and Posts – within the post’s/page’s editor you’ll find a button for applying the zooming effect on any image.

Using the plugin with a page bulider

For applying the zoom on an image on a page/post from within a page builder, you need to add the “zoooom” CSS class to the image. Here are screenshots on how to do this with the most popular page builders:
* Gutenberg – screenshot
* Visual Composer – screenshot. Please use the “large” or “full” for the Image Size setting
* Page Builder by SiteOrigin – screenshot
* Elementor Page Builder – screenshot. It works with all the Image Size options, except Custom.
* Beaver Builder – screenshot
* Divi Builder – screenshot
The zoom works alright only with Image elements. Unfortunately, trying to apply the zoom on an image gallery will make the zoom work only on the first image of the gallery. With the WP Image Zoom Pro the zoom can also be applied on image galleries.

Vertical scroll recent post

Vertical scroll recent post plugin scroll the recent post title in the widget, the post scroll from bottom to top vertically. This is the best and fashionable way to show all the latest post to user. No coding language knowledge required to setup this plugin. Activate the plugin and drag and drop the widget into the sidebar. We have optional option to choose the particular category and order by option to scroll.

Features of this plugin

  • Scroll recent post.
  • Option to set number of post to scroll.
  • Scrolling so it occupies less space.
  • Option to choose category.
  • Option to select order.

OU Social Network

This is a plugin that allows you to run a small social network on the site. You can add friends and send them messages. Simply enter the [ousocialnetwork] shortcode in a post or page.

WP Post Popup

Turn any page / post / external page into a popup instantly!

Perfect for showing basic content pages without redirecting a user to the page.


  • Loads only the_content() field — excludes header/footer/sidebars/etc.
  • Optionally load custom fields using a custom page template [Documentation](https://allurewebsolutions
  • Trigger popup on page load using a URL a parameter
  • Show external pages in popup
  • Show only a specific div from an external page
  • Works with shortcodes and various plugins such as Contact Form 7 and BuddyPress
  • Dynamically change URL in address bar to that of the the popped up page
  • Toggle simple styling
  • Visual Editor Button for easy popup link creation
  • Set a breakpoint below which the page will load normally instead of a popup

SoundCloud Is Gold

Browse and insert your or someone else tracks, playlists and favourites to your posts using SoundCloud’s official player. The live preview makes it easy to see how customising your player will fit perfectly with your website’s design.

It’s smart, secure and just works.

You can set a default style for all players but if needed, you will be able to tweak the styling for one particular player. Soundcloud is Gold is currently helping 10,000 music lovers getting their work out there!


All you need from a Soundcloud Plugin – Easy to install and to set up, good looking in both widget and full-width style.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – @goamazinghostel – read full review


Works Perfectly. This plugin made adding Soundcloud a trivial effort.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – @fssbob – read full review


Top Features

  • Browse through your or someone lese soundcloud tracks, sets and favourites from a tab in the media upload window, no need to go back and forth between Soundcloud and your website.
  • Save multiple users, very useful for labels, collectives or artists with many projects
  • Live Preview let you see what does what instantly.
  • Integrates perfectly with wordpress media upload by using the same listing style that you get with the images.
  • Plugin construct the shortode for you, no need to remember any crasy syntax (but you can still use the shortcode manually if needed).
  • Widget for showing the latest or random tracks, favourites or sets for one user, multiple users or random users.
  • Track’s info displayed directly in the tab (description, url, cover, etc…).
  • Default settings from the option page (see screenshot):
    • Default player type (Standard, Artwork, Visual)
    • Width
    • Extra Classes for the div that wraps around the player
    • Auto Play
    • Show/Hide Comments
    • Player’s Colours
  • Styled sortcode in editor for neat layout.
  • Implement Soundcloud Html5 player.
  • Follow WP developpers guidelines (enqueue scripts and styles just for the plugin, clean code, commented, secure and leave no trace when uninstall ).
  • https support

Instagram Gallery

Easy and simple way to display your Instagram images on the website.
Display pictures from Instagram account as Gallery or as Carousel Slider. There is no need to configure APIs or login anywhere, just paste your Instagram Username or Tagname and configure your settings.
it’s a game of few seconds and your pictures will be on the website.

Demo: you can see demo Here or check ‘screenshots’ section below.

How to use: add new gallery in plugin setting panel and copy/paste the generated shortcode in the pages/posts content OR you can use the ‘Instagram Gallery’ Widget within widget section.

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