New Year’s blog post ideas you should add to your site

new year blog post ideas

Holiday posts are a fantastic way to generate extra blog traffic, so here are 10 New Year’s blog post ideas to add to your site.

Gift ideas for people in your niche

Create a round-up of all the best products to buy the crafter, baker, or candlestick maker in your life. Level up by creating a printable content upgrade that your audience can sneak into their significant other’s sock drawer to make sure they get just what they want this year.

An overview of your goals + accomplishments this year

Share the goals you knocked out this year AND how you did it. Give examples and stats – just like math class, show your work. Your audience might be putting the same exact things on their to-do lists for next year, so they’ll surely appreciate knowing how you fared (yes, even if it was a total failure) and what lessons you learned along the way.

Your goals for next year

And of course, you can also create a post covering what you’re hoping to accomplish next year. This is a great way to provide a behind-the-scenes look at your business and share a few personal goals as well. Perhaps turn this into a challenge or a daily Instagram post to allow your readers to participate and work toward their goals alongside you.

A post relating to the holidays

Think about how your audience will be spending their time in November and December, what they’ll be excited about, and what they’ll be challenged by. My family is super cool, even if they don’t always understand exactly what it is that I’m doing over here, but I know lots of entrepreneurs whose family is still wondering when they’ll get a “real job.” And when do most of us see our family?? During the holidays! Create a post helping them get through it, make the best of it, commiserate in annoyance, or enjoy it even more.

Your best posts all related to one topic

Here’s a super easy one – share a round-up of your most popular posts relating to one topic. In a moment of, “OMG I have nothing to write about,” Round-up posts are Pinterest gold and help move new readers through your content quickly. Add in a few posts with content upgrades and you can skyrocket your email list at the same time!

Reader survey

The end of the year is the perfect time to create a reader survey and use the information to fill in your content calendar for next year. I got great results with my last survey (thanks all!), adding only a few multiple choice questions (no age, sex, location type stuff) and a bunch of open-ended questions for people to come up with their own answers.

Typeform is super easy to use to create forms and makes scrolling through answers simple as well. See, bar graphics!

typeform screen shot

The top (#) things you did this year to _____

Did you take steps in the right direction to create, learn, or do something new? For example, I could write a post called, “The top 10 things I did this year to grow my Pinterest traffic” and create a case study around the massive traffic increase. Posts with specific outcomes are super-shareable and clickable because it lets the user know exactly what they’ll learn and could possibly accomplish themselves.

Holiday post-round-up

I’m sure you’ll have plenty of shopping, eating, and visiting to do as the year comes to a close, so why not make it easy on yourself and share someone else’s content for a change? Years ago, when I was more lifestyle blogger than biz owner, I created a post of fall soup recipes that I found on Pinterest. It was literally a grid of photos with a list of links underneath and that silly little post ended up being my top referrer from Pinterest for YEARS. Even after I’d ditched all the personal posts and was solely writing about blogging and business.

What’s the number one thing people in your niche will be looking for this holiday season? Head over to Pinterest, find 20-30 posts on the same topic, drop them into a blog post, create yourself a super pinnable image, and then sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

How to organize for the holidays / new year

People are likely prepping for two things in December – first, their entire family to descend upon their home, judging every speck of dust and throw pillow that’s out-of-place; and second, getting things in order to knock their New Year’s resolutions out of the park. What part of your audience’s life, work, or home needs to be organized and cleaned out for them to feel like they’ve got their shit together come January 1?

Charities to donate to

Many people donate throughout the year but most people remember to share their blessings in between their fourth trip to Target and licking stamps on a million holiday cards. Give them a hand and create a list of the best charities associated with your niche. I guarantee, no matter how obscure, there is an organization somewhere connected to the things you love. Check out and or just tell them to donate.

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