Music Blog Post Ideas Help You Build an Audience

Music Blog Post Ideas

Struggling to find music blog post ideas for your blog?

Music can be a tricky subject to write about, however. To give you some inspiration for your own music blog, we want to share some post ideas.

  1. Rolling stone album reviews
  2. What’s the best app for listening to music
  3. Who is really Marshmello
  4. Who is deadmau5
  5. What should I do before releasing a song
  6. What do I need to produce my own music
  7. How can I learn to produce music
  8. How can I record my own music at home
  9. How much does a music producer make
  10. Matthew Healy
  11. Most innovative songs of all time
  12. The best songs of all time
  13. Top 100 rock songs of all time
  14. Best pop albums of the 2000s
  15. Musicians that changed the world
  16. Most talented musicians today
  17. Songs like read my mind
  18. How to make percussion instruments using household items
  19. How to produce music for beginners
  20. Best online music production schools
  21. How do you get certified to teach music
  22. How much does music production school cost
  23. Mixing audio concepts practices and tools
  24. Vocal recording techniques secrets
  25. Introduction to microphones
  26. Tips for recording vocals at home
  27. Microphone techniques for live sound


We all love to connect with the people behind the music. In most cases, that’s not practical to do in person. This is where interviews come in. They allow you to learn about artists, producers, or even instrument manufacturers, all in a format that can spark new ideas and provide entertainment.

What you talk about in an interview will vary based on the topic of your blog and the person or group that you’re interviewing. The best interviews are those that strike a balance between allowing the interviewee to speak while still moving the focus back to particular questions when necessary.

Let’s look at a quality interview in the real world. Here’s an interview with the band Imagine Dragons

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