The Minor Social Networks: Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Reddit

Minor Social Networks

The smaller social networks (certainly not because they are less important, as we will see shortly) are still not widespread. Everyone knows Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and their potential in the field of virtual relationships.

  • Facebook is known for finding lost friends (and finding new ones), even if lately it has found new business connotations of a certain importance
  • Instagram to share photos, great for those who perform “visualizing” activities, such as works of art, professional photographs, or mouthwatering culinary delights
  • LinkedIn is definitely the number one among professional networks, for sharing their work skills
  • Twitter, thanks to the spread of short posts, offers the possibility of becoming viral, given the absence of a limit of connections, as happens on Facebook.

But the smaller social networks, how do they work? Meanwhile, we call them “minors” not because they are less important, but because those already mentioned are preferred by the general public. In reality, these two have a lot to offer. Let’s find out!

Pinterest: photographs for argument. Pinnate new inspirations

Among the smaller social networks, we know Pinterest: we talk about photography, in particular. Pinterest is the virtual place where you can discover new ideas, save them as you prefer, and of course pinnate new inspirations. You can follow favorite message boards based on topics such as art, photography, cooking, books, animals, etc. and above all make pins, or post their own contents. Pinterest is certainly more suitable for those who attract visitors through images and then to those who carry out their activity with photography. Visual artists, chefs, professional photographers, artisans and much more. If you want to promote your business on Pinterest, you will need to add the button on your website, just like you do with other social media. So pinnate and share from the bulletin boards to attract audiences! This is the secret to being successful on Pinterest.



Pinterest Social network Pinterest, Inc. is a web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover ...
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Tumblr for microblogging: posting is simple and immediate

Among the minor networks, there is also Tumblr; the space created on this social network could be considered a small personal blog (tumblelog), therefore suitable also for those who are not experts in building sites. Here, posting links, photos or posts is simple and immediate, and it’s very easy to share. Just follow five profiles of interest (following topics, for example) to view topics in your timeline, set your profile and start posting: texts, photos, quotes, links, audio, and video. You can of course share and put likes in the form of a little heart. Perhaps more than Facebook, Tumblr is suitable for those who want to share their artistic and professional activities, and offers excellent possibilities!

Flickr: to store photos, an entire terabyte of space

Do you know Flickr? If you are passionate about photography, probably the answer is yes. It is not just a social network and perhaps it is precisely for this reason that it is among the minor networks. Flickr is a real virtual space to store photos and videos online. Do you need an entire terabyte of space? This is the potential of Flickr! In addition, you can decide whether to keep public or private mode, so you can decide whether to show or keep for yourself every single photo or video that you will save in your space. Do not forget the copyright on the images: there is indeed the possibility to protect them with Creative Commons. In short, excellence for photographers!

Reddit: online discussions on quality content

Finally, we talk about Reddit: become a Redditor and you can publish content and read those published by others: popular links, growing trends, those that are at the center of discussions, the most voted and new entries. To take full advantage of Reddit, you need to take advantage of the Subedit that is the categories of topics. So, you have to choose the ones that matter most, read the articles, rate them and comment on them. You can also create your own category, becoming a moderator and managing the flow of content. Who is recommended? Being a social news, it is recommended for those who want to read quality content.

We are sure that even among the smaller networks there is the right one for you! And then: that they are less used does not mean they have less potential! In fact, they could have it for the marketing of your business!

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