How many hashtags are too many on instagram?

Hashtags are so vital to growing one’s Instagram presence.

Even though Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, this doesn’t mean you should max it out every time since not only does it look a bit desperate but it will also probably attract a portion of people who aren’t genuinely interested in your content but are rather there to try and get a follow back or some likes.

Recent research shows that engagement peeks when there are 4–10 hashtags and stays at the same level as new hashtags are added.

So, try to have at least 4–5 hashtags, but more importantly make sure they precisely match what’s currently most relevant in your space. Also, always check how popular they are (how many posts have them) and if they are currently on the list of banned hashtags. This you can check by seeing if it has both Recent Posts and Top Posts. If there’s only the latter, that means your post won’t show up when users search for any of the hashtags you’ve added since one of them is banned.