Google Search Console and one of my websites

Google Search Console and one of my websites

Hello, I’ve noticed this thing in my google search account today on one of my web pages. The number of clicks by the keyword Viddal Riley vs Osvaldo Valdez was 1211.

Search analytics clicks
Search analytics clicks

But google allowed to enjoy only 1 day why? That’s where the question is.

My post was in 1st place in google search

Yes, it was, but it was not long. There was until more youtube video was uploaded. At this point, I am in the 6th position. What I want to tell you is that Google positions are very important for your site. 1 position bring me 1211 visitors, and 6 positions bring only 130 visitors.

Add a keyword to the keyword

I noticed that you do not have to be rated with 1 keyword. Your post is submitted to Google for not 1 keyword, its amount depends on the number of words in your post.

An example

Keyword Viddal Riley vs Osvaldo Valdez my position in the google search is 6th.

Keyword + Keyword Viddal Riley vs Osvaldo Valdez time and now my website position in the google search is 2th.

Here comes help Long tail keywords.

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