4 SEO Strategies To Get Your Site On Top Of Google Rankings

4 SEO Strategies To Get Your Site On Top Of Google Rankings

Google has just launched a new change in the searching algorithm it uses, and the world of SEO is going upside down. Don’t panic as this happens with every update Google comes up with as it is evident in the past years too. And what worked last year in your favor will go obsolete the next year for sure. In order to succeed at SEO, you need to be aware of the emerging trends in the SEO industry but more important ditch the trends, strategies, and practices which are not going your way nowadays.

You need to be emotionally strong and logically too as these surely include practices that you need to let go which were in your favor for a number of years now. If you are looking at how to make money online through this, you are not right in your approach. I am sure that this blog will clear and change your perspective for the better as there are many things you need to understand to succeed as an SEO person of the highest repute.

Following are the top 4 of such strategies which I think can really change the way you look at things and offer your company or customers exceptional strategies.

1. Creating More Pages

Stop thinking that more pages will suit your SEO practices as this will only create hindrance in your bid to make Google think that your website is optimized in the right way. Creating landing pages and website pages for every keyword variety used to be a common practice from SEO executives but things have changed since then. If you are one of those who think that more pages will bring more traffic to your website and help your website to rank higher, then you are wrong.

With the latest updates and intelligent software like Rank Brain, it is almost impossible to make Google a fool by creating more landing pages. It focuses more on the quality of content and relevance instead of a number of pages. You should create pages when needed instead of going overboard with them.

2. Focusing on Directories

After the Penguin algorithm update, Google started to penalize websites with unnatural links. Although, these directories have strict rules and set high standards, which are hard to read it helps you deliver business information to your target audience. Stay away from spammy directories to avoid any penalties from Google and choose directories to get your business listed carefully otherwise, you could land in hot waters. You can contact seo Toronto which has a good track record in this concern so that you can have a sigh of relief.

3. A Higher Ranking Doesn’t Come Easy

Another common misconception is that if you could secure a higher ranking on search engines, you can get more traffic. There is no doubt that it will increase your visibility on search engines as more people will see your website in search results. But in no way that it guarantees more traffic and clicks, especially if you have targeted keywords with low search volume. A boring meta-description and a flawed keyword strategy can ruin all the hard work you did to rank higher. Use tools such as Google Planner to choose the right keywords for your site.

4. Keyword Stuffing is not a Good Practice

Google now use latent semantic indexing method and that’s why stuffing keywords is not a good ploy anymore. It can identify patterns and relationships between similar phrases and terms. Focus on keywords that users are searching for instead of stuffing them in an illogical and clumsy way that even a novice can catch. Instead, you need to put a few of those keywords in your content. More importantly, content loaded with keywords tend to put off readers, as the same words will be repeated many times in a single piece of content.

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Final Word

I am sure that after going through this blog, you won’t need any other strategy or to find out more information from a friend or colleague at work. If you had been using some of these SEO tactics, it is time to abandon them and create a new SEO strategy in the future.

If you know about any other obsolete SEO tactics that do not work now or it is risky to use them anymore especially after the latest update from Google, then you are more than welcome to speak up. Please use the comments section below in this regard.

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